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Bankruptcy is a Possible Solution to Many Common Debt Problems:

  • Harassment by Creditors – Are you getting collection calls and letters for bills you can't pay?
  • Robbing Peter to Pay Paul – Are you taking cash advances from one credit card to pay another?
  • Payday Loans – Are you caught in an unending cycle of short-term high interest loans?
  • Foreclosure – Are you in danger of losing your home? If you have a second mortgage, there is a good chance you will be sued after you lose the house to foreclosure. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the best way to save it.
  • Repossession – Have you missed one or more car payments? A Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the best way to catch up. If your car is repossessed and you are unable to deal with the lender, the car will be sold at a wholesale auction, usually at a heavy loss, and you will probably be sued for a surprisingly large amount of money. You will then have a judgment against you and no car.
  • Lawsuits & Judgments – Have you been sued or threatened with a lawsuit? If a creditor wins a lawsuit against you (which often happens by default) a judgment will be entered against you and the creditor will look for ways to collect, including wage garnishments and bank levies.
  • Garnishments and Levies – If a creditor garnishes your paycheck, you could lose a quarter of your take home pay. If you have a bank account, a creditor might drain it to pay its judgment.
  • Low Credit Score – A low credit score can be devastating. You either won't be able to get a loan at all, or will be forced to pay high interest rates, which may make the payments too high to afford. Even worse, a low credit score may make it hard to rent an apartment or get a good job. Call us to talk about improving your credit.
  • Driver's License Suspended After an Accident without Car Insurance – If you can't afford to pay the damages, bankruptcy may be the only feasible way to get your license back.

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North St Paul, Minnesota

North Saint Paul Bankruptcy Attorney

About North St Paul, MN

Henry Castle was many things such as a humanitarian, entrepreneur, politician, journalist, soldier, and father but above all he was a leader. Mr. Castle was a native of Columbus, Illinois and had the uncanny ability to be everything to everybody. He provided ceaseless efforts to progress and innovate in service to his community. It was his vision for a promising and vibrant future as well as his unquenchable hunger for opportunity that helped to shape the incredible legacy of North Saint Paul from an extraordinary small community into a big city.

At the age of 27, in 1868, Mr. Castle and his family arrived in Saint Paul. Mr. Castle quickly became a man of considerable importance, especially for a young man in his 20's.

It wasn't long before Mr. Castle became well-known in the Midwest for his primary professions of business, politics, and journalism.

Mr. Castle was a spirited and ambitious man who had a keen sense for opportunity and the ambition to take advantage of that opportunity. He was also somewhat of a jack of all trades. Mr. Castle is considered to be the man with the vision and determination to bring that vision into reality, although there were many individuals that contributed to the development of North Saint Paul as a growing and flourishing community outside of the major cities. In 1872, this all started he started buying property close to Silver Lake that was to be platted for the future community of North Saint Paul.

Next to the shore of Silver Lake and extending to the west and south, Mr. Castle established the location for Castle in 1870. The year 1887 brought the incorporation of the community as a village, which became known as North Saint. Paul. The Soo Line was also arrived in the area during the 1880's, originally to transport grain between Sault Saint Marie and nearby Minneapolis.

There were seven children that belonged to Mr. Castle and his wife Margaret. These children were James Timothy, aged 6, Anne, aged 9, Margaret, aged 11, Henry Jaquess, aged 13, Charles William, aged 15, Mary Jane, aged 17, and Helen Steel, aged 21. Mr. Castle relocated his family into their summer villa on Silver lake in 1887. Mr. Castle is the namesake for Henry Street. His wife Margaret is the namesake of Margaret Street. The couple's first born daughter, Helen, is the namesake of Helen Street, The couple's first born son, Charles, is the namesake of Charles Street. These are the primary streets that run south and north through the community.

North Saint Paul has the feel of a small community but also understand that it is part of a larger area. The community has a main Street that is six blocks long and the town is 3.1 square miles. It is a small industrial village that became a first class suburb. North Saint Paul has many years of history, its residents are tightly knit that have bonds their shared past, their neighbors, and the atmosphere of the community. However, it is also a community that seeks to move forward by looking for new ways to capture the next wave of ingenuity and innovation and embraces technology.

The community of North Saint Paul offers a great quality of life with peaceful neighborhoods, a quaint downtown district, and an abundance of churches, schools, and community parks. The community understands how this enhances the access by residents to higher educational opportunities, quality health care, recreational and cultural opportunities, and a diversity of employment opportunities. The community also understands that it is connected to a flourishing metropolitan area.

North Saint Paul will always strive to preserve its atmosphere of a small community by making sure that future projects adhere to the standard of aesthetic character and high quality design, although as a community North Saint Paul wants to invest in with more compact development and progressive infrastructure improvements in order to become more of an urban community.

The community of North Saint Paul is located 11.3 miles northeast of dowtown Saint Paul on the shores of Silver Lake. The largest concrete snowman in the world is located in North Saint Paul. The over 40 foot tall snowman has become the official symbol of the community and is next to Highway 36.

In 1898, some private investors bought a fledgling electric company which eventually became the North Saint Paul Electric Utilities Company. The older electric company was fed by a single generator that was located on the south shore of Silver Lake. At 9:00 PM, the old electric company would warn children of their curfew time with some flickering lights. Seven other communities joined together with North Saint Paul in 1992 to form the MMPA (Minnesota Municipal Power Association).

In 2012 the population of North Saint Paul was 11,694 people, which represents a 2.00% decrease in population since 2000. There was 50.90% of the population who were females and 49.10% of the population who were male. The median age of the resident in North Saint Paul was is 38.5 years old as compared to the median age of the resident in Minnesota of 43.1 years old.

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