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Bankruptcy is a Possible Solution to Many Common Debt Problems:

  • Harassment by Creditors – Are you getting collection calls and letters for bills you can't pay?
  • Robbing Peter to Pay Paul – Are you taking cash advances from one credit card to pay another?
  • Payday Loans – Are you caught in an unending cycle of short-term high interest loans?
  • Foreclosure – Are you in danger of losing your home? If you have a second mortgage, there is a good chance you will be sued after you lose the house to foreclosure. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the best way to save it.
  • Repossession – Have you missed one or more car payments? A Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the best way to catch up. If your car is repossessed and you are unable to deal with the lender, the car will be sold at a wholesale auction, usually at a heavy loss, and you will probably be sued for a surprisingly large amount of money. You will then have a judgment against you and no car.
  • Lawsuits & Judgments – Have you been sued or threatened with a lawsuit? If a creditor wins a lawsuit against you (which often happens by default) a judgment will be entered against you and the creditor will look for ways to collect, including wage garnishments and bank levies.
  • Garnishments and Levies – If a creditor garnishes your paycheck, you could lose a quarter of your take home pay. If you have a bank account, a creditor might drain it to pay its judgment.
  • Low Credit Score – A low credit score can be devastating. You either won't be able to get a loan at all, or will be forced to pay high interest rates, which may make the payments too high to afford. Even worse, a low credit score may make it hard to rent an apartment or get a good job. Call us to talk about improving your credit.
  • Driver's License Suspended After an Accident without Car Insurance – If you can't afford to pay the damages, bankruptcy may be the only feasible way to get your license back.

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Golden Valley, Minnesota

Golden Valley Bankruptcy Attorney

About Golden Valley, MN

Close to Medicine Lake there were encampments of Sioux and Chippewa Indian tribes. During the 1850's that the first European settlers arrived in the area. Golden Valley was incorporated in 1886. It remained primarily a farming community during the early 1900's. Golden Valley is a 35 minute commute from the Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport and between ten and fifteen minute drive from downtown Minneapolis. The community is located between Highway 55 and Interstate 394 in Hennepin County and is a western suburb of Minneapolis.

When the Moser family arrived in 1853, the modern history of Golden Valley began. In 1854, the Moser family was followed by the Varners. William Varner was looking for a location suitable for construction of his new home when he came across a hill so tall that it might have been considered a mountain. Upon climbing the hill, he looked down and saw the entire lush valley that was covered with golden daffodils. He reportedly said something like this is my golden valley. The name stuck. Today, Golden Valley is known as being the international home of General Mills.

Golden Valley was primarily an agricultural community that only had a few hundred residents in the early years. The community then was full of dairies, mills, and farms. In 1912, the Electric Luce Line Railroad arrived in the community and residential development started.

The population of Golden Valley increased to 2,040 from 692 between 1910 and 1940. After WWII, industry discovered Golden Valley and additional residential development followed. 1972 brought the incorporation of the city of Golden Valley

There are shopping centers located on the northern side of Highway 55 and on the west and east side of Winnetka Avenue in Golden Valley. Golden Valley is less than 5 miles from Ridgedale Mall.

Golden Valley maintains activity areas, courts, many different ball fields, as well as almost 47 miles of trails. The community has over 1,035 acres dedicated to open space and parks. There are two primary golf courses in the community of Golden valley, which are the Brookview Public Golf Course and recreational area and the Golden Valley Country Club which offers a championship golf course. At Brookview, there are many walking trails, athletic fields, a large playground for the children to have many hours of fun on, and numerous trees to sit under for a nice picnic on a sunny day.

Golden Valley is home to ten neighborhood parks. Both residents and visitors alike can go for a jog on a paved walkway, enjoy a round of tennis, or entertain their children at the playground. Glenview Terrace Park features a walkway, two tennis courts, and a play structure and encompasses five acres. At the 3.6 acre South Tyrol Park there is a softball field, a basketball court, and an ice skating rink. Natchez Park offers athletic fields, a play structure, a lighted paved pathway and spans six acres.

Located throughout the community are the community parks in Golden Valley, which offer more amenities and parking than the neighborhood parks. Brookview Park features picnic shelters, a horseshoe pit, six tennis courts, two sand volleyball courts, and encompasses 33 acres. During the fall months, a popular destination for soccer is the 9.8 acre Scheid Park. This park offers a sliding hill in the wintertime, a warming house, and a skating rink. Lions Park features playground equipment, skating rinks, a basketball court, two tennis courts, athletic fields for soccer and softball, a sliding hill in the wintertime, and spans 20 acres.

The 23 acre Pennsylvania Woods in Golden valley has trails and walkways for residents and visitors alike to explore. Benches are available for enjoying the surroundings or simply resting. In the northernmost part of the community is the Briarwood Nature Area, which is made up of almost 6 acres and on the western border of the park there is a creek. With a donation from General Mills the General Mills Research Nature Area was developed. This nature area is managed in cooperation with the community and offers 57 acres of trails. At the 15 acre Mary Hills Nature Area there are seating and picnic areas available close to the wetlands. This nature area is located in northeastern part of Golden Valley.

At Saint Louis Park there is the Outdoor Aquatic Park where residents and visitors alike can go for a swim or simply bask in the sun. This park features a lap swimming pool, water slides, splash toys, and 20,000 feet geysers. Close to the Hidden Lakes neighborhood is Sweeney Lake Park where a dock and a canoe launch are open to the public. Other recreational areas include the 20 acre Sandburg Ball Fields, the 1.5 acre Perpich Soccer Field, and the 11 acre Honeywell Little League Area.

According to the census that was taken in 2012, the population of Golden Valley was 20,371. 51.63% were female and 48.37% male.

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