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Bankruptcy is a Possible Solution to Many Common Debt Problems:

  • Harassment by Creditors – Are you getting collection calls and letters for bills you can't pay?
  • Robbing Peter to Pay Paul – Are you taking cash advances from one credit card to pay another?
  • Payday Loans – Are you caught in an unending cycle of short-term high interest loans?
  • Foreclosure – Are you in danger of losing your home? If you have a second mortgage, there is a good chance you will be sued after you lose the house to foreclosure. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the best way to save it.
  • Repossession – Have you missed one or more car payments? A Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the best way to catch up. If your car is repossessed and you are unable to deal with the lender, the car will be sold at a wholesale auction, usually at a heavy loss, and you will probably be sued for a surprisingly large amount of money. You will then have a judgment against you and no car.
  • Lawsuits & Judgments – Have you been sued or threatened with a lawsuit? If a creditor wins a lawsuit against you (which often happens by default) a judgment will be entered against you and the creditor will look for ways to collect, including wage garnishments and bank levies.
  • Garnishments and Levies – If a creditor garnishes your paycheck, you could lose a quarter of your take home pay. If you have a bank account, a creditor might drain it to pay its judgment.
  • Low Credit Score – A low credit score can be devastating. You either won't be able to get a loan at all, or will be forced to pay high interest rates, which may make the payments too high to afford. Even worse, a low credit score may make it hard to rent an apartment or get a good job. Call us to talk about improving your credit.
  • Driver's License Suspended After an Accident without Car Insurance – If you can't afford to pay the damages, bankruptcy may be the only feasible way to get your license back.

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Fridley, Minnesota

Fridley Bankruptcy Attorney

About Fridley, MN

Fridley's history began when the red River Ox Cart Trail was constructed in 1844. This road opened the American/European settlement history of the community. The Red River Ox Cart Trail traveled through Minnesota Territory between what is now North Dakota and Minnesota. The road ran along the current Anoka County Highway One or the East River Road. During earlier times, this road was used to transport various supplies to the settlers in the Red River valley to the north as well as furs to the south.

The first settler in the region was a man named John Banfill, who settled in the area in 1847. At the time this area was known as Manomin, which is a variant of the word in the Ojibwa language for wild rice - a staple in their diet. This area was comprised of the municipalities now known as Spring Lake Park, Hilltop, Fridley, and Columbia Heights.

The region grew rapidly. The actual community on Manomin was platted by Mr. Banfill in 1851. There, Rice Creek was named for a man named Henry Mower Rice, who was a settler that had bought a lot of land in the region just two years earlier, and built a sawmill and a general store. The first post office began operating in 1853, and in 1854, a ferry regularly crossed the Mississippi River.

The namesake of the community was a man named Abram Fridley, who was elected the first territorial representative in the region in 1855. Manomin County was established in 1857, the region was separated from Ramsey County, and had only had 18 sections. This made it the smallest county in the US. However, in 1870, it was annexed by Anoka and became Anoka Township. This distinction turned out to be rather short lived. Mr. Fridley was still a member of the State Legislature of Minnesota in 1879 and the legislature renamed the township to Fridley.

Fridley as incorporated as a village in 1949. In that year the Fridley Free Press was established. However, the funds were frozen as the result of a lawsuit that challenged the incorporation of the village. Up until 1950, when the lawsuit was finally resolved, the state law in Minnesota permitted communities' to operate municipal liquor stores. The proceeds from the Fridley Liquor store were the main source of funding for the daily operations of the community. The village of Fridley became a home rule city charter in 1957.

Much of Fridley was destroyed by two F4 tornadoes in 1965. One in four houses was either damaged or destroyed. The second tornado that hit was the deadliest storm in the history of the Twin Cities. 13 people lost their lives. Fridley started buying land that eventually became the Springbrook Nature Center in 1970.

Thousands of 100 year old trees as well as extensive areas of mature forest habitat were destroyed in 1986 the Springbrook Nature Center was hit by a tornado, which was very well photographed, which lasted for 16 minutes. The first aerial video of the tornado was shot by a KARE 11 television news helicopter that was passing through the region.

Fridley was hit by straight line winds that exceeded 80MPH in 2005. These winds destroyed several vehicles, numerous houses, and toppled several old growth trees that had trunks as large as 2.5 feet in diameter. Unable to drive until the streets were cleared of debris, numerous residents were stranded in their houses without any power during the week that it took to clean up the area. This same storm also affected Blaine, Spring Lake Park, Coon Rapids, Brooklyn Park, New Brighton, Brooklyn Center, in addition to other communities in the surrounding North Metro region.

One of the first six stations of the Northstar Commuter Rail line that connects downtown Minneapolis and the northwest suburbs opened in 2009.

There were 7,056 families, 11,110 households, and 27,208 people living in Fridley according to the 2010 census. There were 11,760 housing units at an average density of 1,156.3 per square mile. The population density was 2,675.3 inhabitants per square mile. The racial makeup of the community in 2010 was 7.3% Latino or Hispanic, 4.2% two or more races, 3.4% from "other" races, 0.1% Pacific Islanders, 4.9% Asian Americans, 1.2% Native American, 11.1% African American, and 72.1% White. These statistics are indicative of a community more diverse than average in the State of Minnesota, with somewhat higher percentages of minority populations, and a somewhat lower percentage of "white" population.

The World Headquarters of Medtronic Inc. is located in Fridley, and its primary employers include Park Construction Company, Kurt manufacturing Company, Minco Products Inc., Unity Medical Center, which is part of the Allina Healthcare system, Cummins, and BAE Systems, which was previously known as United Defense. Also located in Fridley is Magnum Research, which is the company that manufactures the Desert Eagle firearm. The Mississippi River at Fridley is the source for the municipal water supplies of both Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

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