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Very Few People Want to File Bankruptcy

In fact, most people hate the idea, so they wait far too long before filing. Not only do they needlessly prolong their own suffering, but often they do real damage to themselves. For example, many of our clients have used 401(k) or other retirement funds to pay down credit cards, but were later forced to file bankruptcy anyway. When they filed, there was no way to get back the retirement funds, or the taxes they had to pay because they withdrew the money. The money they were saving for their retirement was either reduced or completely gone, and it did them no good.

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Don't Hurt Yourself. If you are a Minnesota resident and are considering doing any of the following things, please call a bankruptcy attorney first. A bankruptcy lawyer at Twin City Attorneys will be happy to discuss your situation for free on the phone at (651) 639-0313.

Are You Considering:
  • Having a relative co-sign a loan to pay a bill that would disappear in bankruptcy?
  • Taking out a payday loan?
  • Getting a high-interest loan on a paid-for car?
  • Asking a friend or relative to take out a loan and give you the money (you'll make the payments)?
  • Taking money out of a retirement plan to pay credit cards?
  • Paying credit cards with money that should go to rent, mortgage, or tax payments?
  • aking a cash advance from one card to pay another?
  • If you are one of the few with equity in your home, taking out a second or third mortgage to pay credit cards?

Don't Get Us Wrong

Most bankruptcy attorneys think the same thing you do: that you should pay your bills if you can. At Twin City Attorneys we're no different. But we know that it may not be possible to pay your bills if you've been laid off, had your hours cut, been injured or had a medical problem, or any of a dozen other reasons. We also know that many clients keep on trying to pay their bills long after it is clear to an outsider that they can't. We respect that, but wish they would come to see us sooner. Call Twin City Attorneys at (651) 639-0313. We don't charge for the call, and we're easy to talk to.

Please Do Not Do Your Own Bankruptcy Planning

The Bankruptcy Code is amazingly intricate. It is 240 pages of fine print all by itself. Adding in the associated statutes, rules, forms, and annotations, you get almost 3,400 pages in the Norton edition. This does not count many thousands of pages of reported decisions by bankruptcy judges, who do not always agree with each other as to what it all means. If there's any possibility that filing for bankruptcy is in your future, call a Minnesota bankruptcy attorney now. Bankruptcy is a section of the law that many lawyers do not understand, and they will tell you so. Call Twin City Attorneys at (651) 639-0313.

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